Tuesday, October 4, 2011

beckandlundy: Pattern Review - New Look 6913

beckandlundy: Pattern Review - New Look 6913: This past weekend, instead of working on my new calendar designs and about a million other things I actually needed to do, I decided to try ...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Yep, I am changing over to a typepad blog

Because this blog is more personal in nature and the other one will be more personal in a different way.

All of my design stuff will be over here same blog name, just different address with some personal stuff as well. I hope you'll follow me over there.

That said, I wish Blogspot would allow me to make things private for some people and make other things public so I could have both worlds on one blog. That would be ideal.

I just did a blog post on the typepad blog talking about my coordinating fabrics that have just been shown on the Notions blog. Please stop on by, I've a nice porch to sit on and we can just shoot the breeze about anything. p.s. I actually show my face on that blog. eek!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today was the cherry on top!

Well, who would have guessed it? I got into the Top 5 finalists for the Connecting Threads Fabric Design contest. Yep, I squeeked thru in 5th place and I feel lucky and accomplished.

Accomplished because 2 years ago I found Spoonflower and I created a couple of designs. Basic, very basic designs. They aren't very good. LOL. You see?

Over the last 2 years I've improved, I've learned how to do a seamless repeat and in some cases I've put up some of my watercolors and used photography in an effort to offer up a varied collection of VO stuff. Here's an example of one of my more recent designs:

I've gained a lot of friends from doing my design work. We share our designs with one another, we help one another out and we support each others design endeavors. My entry was no exception, they all cheered for me and kept me sane as the voting went up, up, up!

I'm really excited, jumping up and down excited - to be given this opportunity to design a collection for Designing Threads: what a fabulous dream come true. So excited that I'm offering up this virtual plate of brownie smothered with ice cream, whipped cream and yeah, a cherry on top! Best thing: no calories!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wishing and hoping for Top 5

It's so interesting to see how some of the designs in the Connecting Threads fabric design contest are jumping up higher and higher in a single day. Some of the entrants have blogs, some don't, some are professional artists, some are not. There are an array of design there, enough to make you dizzy with color, and dizzy with the possibilities for projects.

My design is Laundry Day, I think it's a solid design. I think it's a great focal design and it was a joy to create. Not to mention that I've got some killer coordinates that I think will be exciting and fun paired with the focal or as standalone designs.

There is a single day left in the contest. Anything can happen; I've gone from holding second place for almost a week to 4th in a day and who knows, maybe I'll get booted by another design tomorrow and be totally out of the running. Or maybe I'll hold 4th place and be in the Top 5? It would be a dream come true and it's hard to think about coming close and not getting in the Top 5. Yeah, I'll be crushed. But if I get in, homemade brownies with ice cream for everyone!

My design is at this page: Click here to vote I'm the last design on the page under virginia o.

If I don't get into the Top 5, you'll find this design for sale at Spoonflower (the fabulous company where I have learned how to show what I can do...I'm self-taught and having designs that sell is a huge confidence builder). Come on by and take a look at my other designs, there is plenty there for quilters and crafters!

So wish me luck! hmmmm, I just realized that if I don't get in, I'll probably still have brownies and ice cream...I don't think I want to pass over a chance to have warm brownies with yummy ice cream.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Connecting Threads Fabric Design Contest

Oh, it's been a long time since I've updated this blog. No real reason to actually.

But yes, now I have a reason. I'm in design contest. And I'm hoping to get into the top 5 so I can be considered. The grand prize winner gets $2,000.00, a licensing deal that pays royalties on the fabric sold and free yardage.

My design is Laundry Day. It's here at Connecting Threads, it's the last image under virgina o.

That's what the design looks like. A sweet quilting focal fabric. I would appreciate any votes you might have for this design. I'm up against some good designs and competitors who have huge followers on their blogs. So if you've stumbled upon this blog because you've searched for quilting fabric come on and vote!

Sunday, April 17, 2011