Sunday, December 20, 2009

A lotta social life right now

Yesterday T's celebration of life in Los Angeles at a Buddhist temple.  Very moving, very fun (in a weird sort of way) and then dinner on Sunset and a party at a movie/tv producers house in the hills of Hollywood.

Left at noon, got home around 1:30 a.m.  Suffered some kind of allergy attack where my eyes were all dry and wiggy.  Could not focus my eyes.  Luckily it happened late, late, late in the evening but by the time we neared home my nose was running and full of snot.

The party was very fun, very gay, very loud and very friendly.  Freaky to be at this house, this party - something that I never imagined I'd do in my life.  

Today a annual party at Susan's house.  The 19th annual party.  The babies have grown into adults, some of the used to be children now have children.  Luckily for me, neither of mine have kids yet (at only 20 and 18 that can wait a few years at least).  Some of their friends enjoyed the party (the entire party which lasted 8 hours) and it was great fun to see those kids who we've known since they were all about 7 years old be functioning adults.

3 big functions in 24 hours.  I'm pooped.  

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