Saturday, December 12, 2009

Playing catch up

Poor abandoned blog. 

I've been sort of busy, a lot of social things lately.  

The daughter turned 18 on Dec. 8th - so far no tattoo.  But she also just got paid.  We got her a Disney annual pass.  She was happy about that.  We also went to dinner with our friends who's sons were born on Dec 7th and 8th.  

Me and 3 friends went to one of the Christmas shows that Ellen does.  We got: this printer (it's pretty cool).  The KitchenAid stand mixer (in pistachio).  The VIZIO 23 inch Razor LED HDTV, finally a tv that I can watch. A 100.00 QVC gift certificate.  A small Olympus digital camera, the Invictus soundtrack, the Blueray and regular dvd box set of Harry Potter. A Zhu Zhu (some kind of "hot" toy that's a motorized hamster). Way fun day.  It rained like the dickens all day long too.  But we didn't care a whit.  Btw, Ellen is really pretty and very thin.

Last night I went out and met with some friends (some of whom I haven't seen in 30 years).  LOL, most of them.  I worked with all of them (but one who came after I quit) and it was pretty fun.  They are: animators, business men, directors of non-profits, and teachers, oh and a hairdresser too.  I drank a martini (wheeee, she parties like a big dog!).  One of the guys picked up the tab for all of us (who were still there).  Yowie.  A big tab.

Friday night I went to the daughters choir concert.  They were good and I was oh, so happy that it lasted just under an hour.  Makes me so appreciate her being in a college choir instead of that danged HS choir where we sat for over 2 hours at each of her concerts.  

I've also been doing some graphic work:

This one for the daughters birthday.  For her FB. 

This one for a possible fabric design.  Maybe.  Not sure about it.  

heathered birds

I've got others but they are all in their native format because I haven't finished them.  

Ok, this was a long post for me so now I am going to bed!  G'night!

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