Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm a rectangle kind of girl

Well, that 4 day weekend went fast. I'm jealous that the family had 9 days off. I'm just now getting to the point where I feel like I've gotten over having to be at work and now I have to go back again. I think I need 5 days just to get the gumption up to do anything.

Last night the hub went to play music, the daughter was housesitting, the won and I stayed home, til he left at 10 p.m. I attempted to knit a hat. Twice.

I knit rectangles. All sorts of length rectangles but when its all said and done, they are just plain rectangles.

A hat is not a rectangle. I mean it could be but then I'd have to wear the hat with little ears up on top. Fine if you are 5 but not fine if you are 50.

The hat is a beret shape (my favorite hat in the world). The first one (yes, I completed one yesterday) was worked in the round (OMG) and it's full of dropped stitches. And it's like a skullcap not like a beret. Since it's wool I could wash it, felt it and probably tighten up those holes but I'd never wear a scullcap.

So I attempted a second hat. That one is worse because while I can easily *make one* when I am not trying, trying to make one is a different story. I don't understand knitting in the front, not dropping and then knitting in the back of a stitch. Sounds easy eh? I'm a visual learner so I think I'm going to have to go to youtube and find a tut.

OMG, it's so easy, see this link here. hahaha, not like anyone who reads my blog is going to watch a knitting video.

I guess I'd say knit a stitch, with the loop still on the right needle go into the back of the same stitch and insert it into the stitch, wrap and bring it up to the right stide and then slide the stitch off the left needle as normal.

Yet even that isn't really clear is it? Bwhahahaha.

My second hat is begun on straight needles. To do the ribbed band and I'll transfer it over to circulars once I finish that up. I just can't start on circulars, there is some trick that I cannot figure out. I've looked at Magic Loop and while I can do it, my tension is all over the place (which makes me very tense) and the join looks like a stretched out earlobe from giant grommets.

Wish me luck.

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