Saturday, November 22, 2008

The new blog, same as it ever was...sorta

I decided to make the old blog private. Too much personal information is available on that one and I just prefer to be mostly anon, just don't type my real first or last name.

I'll use nicknames for people (that I get to choose!). If you're reading about yourself and you don't like the nick I give you, let me know what you'd prefer. I might change it (if it's not too long to type!)

I don't think my cranky style of posting will change much, nor with the length of my posts. It'll be the same old minutia, brilliant as it is. Bwhahahahaha.

Today I created my template: pain in the ass that's what it is. I hate the white space on the sides and need to change the image to be wider. But maybe another day. This computer is too slow and I can't run my browser and the graphics program at the same time. So any change that I test I have to shut down the graphics program and then restart it to tweak it more. Not to mention I have to keep on uploading the image to photobucket. Like I said, pain in the ass to try and figure out all the width stuff.

1 comment:

Donita Smith said...

Wow, you got all Asianey here. Pretty!

Aw, c'mon, Vulcan-Oobley! Use your real name. T'ain't nuthin' to be ashamed of.