Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Tuesday right?

Ugh, I got a text at 6 a.m. this morning. Asking how I felt and that they were thinking of me.

Every effective to get me to think about them and to ponder how I am...I'm awake now, that's how I am.

It hasn't been a problem for me to sleep in the morning now that most of the pain is gone and now it's all discomfort. It's actually easier for me to breathe if I lay down. All the snot (and yes, there is STILL snot) moves to the side so the nasal passages are a bit open. But once I get up, it's a sniffing snot and plugging up snot game.

Being off this week and feeling a bit better I needed something to do (well, not really DO, but something that passed the time). So I hooked up the tv I won at the television show taping. I want it on the tv stand but since there is a GIANT tv on the stand I couldn't put it there. (that giant tv has some kind of problem since it won't turn on). I asked the hub to move it but he said, "not tonight".

So it's sitting on top of a speaker, good thing it has a small base instead of the entire bottom of the tv being a base...cuz it actually fits there. Helps that it's a small tv.

I haven't watched tv in about 2 years. I mean not regularly. I will watch Glee but that's about it. I hate watching tv in the bedroom, the hub has control of that and I can't stand all the channel flipping and volume up and down he does. So tv hasn't been an option for me in a long time. Plus, like books, we have totally different tastes in tv watching so I don't bother.

Last night I watched about 2 hours of tv. 20 mins of Rachel Maddow, 30 mins of MSNBC something or other and I watched most of the Late Show. It wasn't all that exciting to sit around watching the tube. But at least I have it as an option for this week. My nose, where my glasses sit is killing me so I couldn't read and I was tired of playing on the computer.

I do love one show that I haven't seen in years. That is some craft show in HGTV. Since I was up early this morning I watched it and did enjoy that a lot. I do have to say it's weird having noise in a room that has been silent for a couple of years. It does intrude upon my need for silence.

That is another thing that is different about me and the rest of the family. My need for silence and their love of sound. All 3 of them have noise all the time: music or tv. Not me, it makes me crazy, all that noise.

I'm off to try and make a latte. I have no espresso beans ground at the right grind so it sorta tastes like warm milk.

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