Friday, February 12, 2010

Recap of this week - sigh - so many things!

Sometimes it's really good when you've written a post and something happens and it disappears. It's my version of the powers that be telling you to let it go. So it's gone. Whew.

A lite version of my week recap:
1. Septoplasty results are still ever-changing. Monday I could breathe, Tue go forward I'm all stuffed up and my voice is not back yet. I am still having drainage down the back of my throat so I sound like I've been very sick with some kind of throat eating - she's got no uvula left - disease.

2. I went back to work on Tuesday after 2 weeks off due to the surgery. My work is crazy. They are insisting I MUST take family-leave even tho I do not qualify. What's more they are telling me every employee that takes leave is marked with FML when they go out for more than 1 week. This flies in the face of what is posted on the federal government site and on the state site.

3. My birthday came and went. Unremarkable, except that I got my splints out. Sigh.

4. My daughter was in an auto accident on Friday night - T-boned. She got a very slight neck sprain. Otherwise she is fine. The car she was riding in is smashed up.

5. Tues. she gets bit by a dog right above her cheek but below her eye. No stitches but she had to fill out paperwork about the incident. She knows the dog (since it was a puppy and now it's about 2 or 3). It's a Doxie. She went to kiss it and it bit her. This dog bit one of it's owners a week before, that wound required 4 stitches and was above the owners eye.

The owners are a little upset that because the daughter filled out the paperwork it's causing problems for the family. The dog is to be quarantined for 10 days and animal control is now involved. So far they haven't talked to me about the "causing problems" for them because for as much as I love them it's not her fault the dog took a bite out of 2 people in one week. It's not her fault she is required by law to fill out the paperwork. And it's not her fault they can't control their dog or take steps to minimize the havoc the dog has shown it can cause. And it's perfectly within my control and right to talk to their insurance company BUT I won't. Even tho the daughter will have a scar on her face. So the trouble isn't because of us or my daughter, it's their own negligence or ignorance about how dogs are treated by the law. I wasn't upset with them until I heard they were slightly upset at the daughter. Now I'm a little miffed and am waiting for one of them to say one word to me about it.

6. It's a 3 day weekend this weekend and I am glad. I want to mow the grass/weed in the front on Monday. But I need a lawn mower as ours is broken.

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