Monday, February 8, 2010

XO with Love to you from me

Yay, it's my birthday! And 2 weeks since I had my surgery to fix my darned septum. And the day I get the torturous splints out of my nose! The ENT doc says everything will be much better once the splints are removed. I know I'll be sighing a big sigh of relief once they come out. Who'd think that after breaking my nose last May I'd be giving myself a birthday present like getting splints out of ones nose is a gift? Who does that?

Yesterday I posted my 2 very blah Spoonflower Love contest entries. They were rather boring don't you think? The image below is the one I came up with yesterday after playing with a rose fill. I wanted something vibrant and something that symbolizes love and hearts just wasn't working for me. I wanted something highly graphic, and something fun. Here it is below:

It's called "XO with Love". The fill is roses. I loved the idea of a mandala within each hug and kiss and what better mandala than one made of the floral symbol for love? Mandalas signify a circle; completeness, unity, purity. The eXes and O's are a written form of our display of love and affection for one another. That they are on a black background shows how love springs from nothing into full-fledged bloom.

Bwhahahaha, not like anyone voting will be looking at all that underlying meaning but it is important to me.

So for my birthday I wish you all hugs, kisses and lots of love! xo

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