Monday, February 1, 2010

one week later

I'm not sure if I have a doc appt or not. I have one card that says I do, at 3:00 today. But I have other paperwork that says I'm supposed to go on the 8th...but there is no time on the paper. Both say they are post-op appointments.

It's probably too much to ask that the splint comes out today. btw, I called and they have to call me back because the nurse is busy.

Every night I have something to drink on the table next to me. I am so parched from not being able to breathe thru my nose. This morning I woke, grabbed it and drank and drank and drank. I could practically HEAR my tissues getting re-hydrated. The heater was on (the hub was getting ready for work) so I was dessicated.

Another realization: I do not have very many button down shirts. I'm not supposed to wear anything that goes over the head (although I am sure I have some things that have large enough necklines that it won't be a problem. But so far I've been staying with the few button up things I have. Because I hate to iron so I stay away from button down unless it's wrinkle free material...which all seems to be summer things. All my cardigans are V-neck but too low to wear without looking like some kind of hoochie-mama. Do you know I don't have a single zip up sweatshirt? That's weird.

Everything is easing up. I am glad I didn't have to go to work today. I'm still stuffy, I still feel like I have a bad cold and just yesterday my nose started leaking slightly bloody mucus again. Lovely. I am sneezing a lot. I'm thinking now that I am getting some air in my nose I'm also getting dust in there and making me sneeze. My house is overly dusty and I definitely think I'm allergic. Maybe that's why I always get headaches? Speaking of which, I've had a low-level headache all week - it gets worse at night.

That's my one week later report.

Hmmmm, I called them at 8:50 a.m. Didn't hear from them so called them just now. My appt has been rescheduled for the 8th at 10:30. I guess they forgot to call me to tell me. Well, better than being called to say I'm late!

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