Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spoonflower Steampunk designs - so many choices!

Well, I have at least 3 different designs for the Steampunk design contest at Spoonflower. One I tossed right away, too detailed and didn't repeat very well because it's somewhat unbalanced for a repeat.

The second one is a gears and clock design that I think works well with the theme but it's also not as creative as I'd like it to be.

The third one is a portion of the first design. I removed the tethered birds, gave it a plain black background (and I have at least 4 different background versions) so the repeat is cleaner. But it's probably too specific for fabric. Better for a card or t-shirt design on the chest like the first one I did.

I'm leaning towards the gears version since I think that is much more usable as fabric. I have a few hours tonight to decide. I hate when I have multiple designs to choose from!


susan m hinckley said...

I love this design, VO! I want it on a tee, please -- I liked both versions, the first one and the black background. But I guess I agree that the gears lend themselves more readily to fabric.

Seriously though, any prints available of the first one?

susan m hinckley said...

And happy birthday and surgery recovery, BTW! It's taking me a few days back from vacation to catch up on things . . .

I need to have that surgery done myself and am just putting off calling the ENT. Sounds like it was as nasty as I've always thought it would be.

VO said...

Oh you are tooooo nice! I've put up a couple of things on for cards but haven't put anything up yet for teeshirts. Plan on getting a couple of things up for shirts by this weekend. So check back (or I'll let you know).

Thanks for the birthday and surgery comments.

Ah, the surgery recovery was a bit difficult the first week. But as of today, I can breathe so much easier. 2 wks ago I might have said, "OMG, don't do it." today, I'd say, "It's so worth it."