Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rainy thoughts

You know it's been raining cats and dogs here. We've had a lot of rain this season, it's great sorta/kinda. We always need it, although when we have lots of growth because of the rain, it means we'll have a big issue in the event of fire in the summer.

A couple of things due to rain:
1. The just-turned-18 year old daughter went to Disneyland yesterday. It's in another county so it's a drive. I hate when my kids drive around in bad weather, but they got there and returned ok so I was good once she called and said she was back in town.

Around 11 p.m. she called and said she'd been in a wreck. She was ok but her friends car was smashed. The other driver (a junior in high school) ran the light because when she put on the brakes the car kept going...into the intersection where it T-boned the car my daughter was in.

The roads in California get very slick when it rains. The oil on the pavement comes up to the top and becomes a very slick surface, you just glide on top of the road.

We drove over there, everyone was ok, all 6 kids (3 in each car). The daughter went to the ER, she complained of soreness. She's got a very slight neck sprain and she is a little sore. But she's good. I finally went to bed at 2:30 a.m.

2. This morning I put the puppy outside. Ok, he's 2 years old but he's still in that puppy stage. Anyway, he has to be on a lead cuz he's a runner. Not only is he a runner but he CLIMBS the fence. Yes, climbs it.

Because it was raining the lead is hooked to the carport. I want him to have somewhere dry to hang out if he's out there for more than a few mins. I put him out, I went to make coffee.

I went out to feed him as I walked out the door I saw him perched, yes perched on top of the fence - butt totally up in the air. I called to him and he jumped into the next yard. Dangerous yes. He's on a lead and he could strangle himself. It was pouring rain.

Well, it wasn't freezing out there so he was just going to have to stay out there til the rain slowed down. It did about 10 mins later and I went and retrieved him. Good thing the house next door is empty. But I was not happy with him. It didn't help that as I came up the driveway my head brushed against a tree branch and a bunch of water dumped on my head. I didn't talk to him for an hour. Not that he noticed, ya know.

3. Because of the rain and because I don't want to go out in it, I've been indoors for days. Hahaha, I'm always indoors. I love being at my house, inside my house more than going pretty much anywhere. I swear I must have some sort of form of Agoraphobia. Anyway, I've finally made a graphic that reflects the next fabric contest. I'm not terribly fond of it but it'll do. It's almost what I want but not. grrrr. This one frustrated me.

I go back to work on Tues. I am not looking forward to that. It's supposed to rain next week and really, I just want to win the lottery (I should actually break down and BUY a ticket or two) and stay home: live a life of leisure. Please?

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