Monday, November 23, 2009


Ye gawds I was nearly in an accident coming home from work.  I'm tooling along minding my own business in the right hand lane.

There is an intersection by the big hospital that is always a mess this time of night.  The left turn lane always gets filled too fast so cars in the left lane get blocked from going forward to the light.  

So tooling along in the right lane where it is totally clear I see this van that realizes it's stuck in the line with all the cars wanting to turn left.  Surely the driver sees me, my lights are on, it's fully dark and the second I came up to his back quarter panel he starts to move into my lane to get around the car in front of him.

I LAID on my horn.  Blasted him loudly.  He slammed on his brakes fast...but still he was into my lane over a foot.  The right hand lane people have nowhere to go because there is a curb right there, no driveway.  Good thing my car is thin enough and I'm a good enough driver to pull right but still not hit the curb.  

He came within inches of hitting my front left panel and door.  The good thing is he didn't move once I passed and the three cars behind me went around him since he was not legal and we were.


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