Sunday, November 15, 2009


The husband and the daughter went to the store (actually a couple of them).  They got some groceries.  Maybe 6 bags of groceries and some sodas.

My husband usually gets groceries and he puts away the frig stuff but leaves stuff in the bags and they sit on the floor.  Why he does this is beyond me.  If a bag is left on the floor long enough someone will come by and drop trash into it.

We don't have a recycle bin, just paper bags sitting out on the floor awaiting paper trash.   You see how things can get confusing if there is a bag sitting out.  I'm pretty sure over the years something perfectly good has been tossed out.

I guess he thinks if he bought it someone else should put it away.  I don't really know, that's a guess.  Read on for clarification.  

I go to the store, I put everything away.  

When the two got home from the store the hub brought in one paper bag from Trader Joes.  The daughter brought all the other bags in plastic bags (all 5 hung on her arm).  The both put their bags on the ground.  

She asks her dad to go out and get the 2 twelve packs of sodas out of the car.  He says No.  She says "Would you please?  I brought all of these bags in (points to the 5 bags) and you only brought 1 inside. "  "No, I brought in MY stuff and nothing in those bags belong to me" he says.  "Some of that is yours!" says the daughter.  "Show me, show me what is mine in there!, says the husband.

I am listening to this and am amazed that 2 people are actually having this discussion.  One fully functioning adult and one soon to be an adult in less than a month.  

I told them I could not believe what I was hearing...OMG.  I guess the husband heard what I meant because he went out and got the sodas out of the car.

I really, really hope when I have and exchange that doinky that I hear myself and do an about face.  

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