Thursday, November 19, 2009

Staph infection

Well, we've had another weird thing happen at work.  The staff meeting was horrible.  Positively negative all around.  (love that alliteration!) 

First we're told nobody will ever get a Exceeds Expectations as an overall ever again.  I look around the room and I see out of 20+ people 3 people got EE.  One of them was the violent man.  Hmmmm, how did he get such high marks for interpersonal skills when he is such a verbally nasty man to work with?  Hmmmmm?  The Big Boss tells us the boss above her was appalled at so many people pushing back on their reviews.  Interesting comment since we are allowed to write anything we want on our reviews if we don't agree with the comments.  It means nothing to push back.  

The next topic was to tell the entire group that for now on all of us must look at the 3 supervisors as extensions of her.  If they tell you to do something, just do it.  Management believes in their abilities and we must obey them.  You must do what they say even if they are not your direct supervisor.  We can question but if they still want us to do what they told us to do we must obey.

Yes, the word obey was used quite a few times.  Along with the word "must".

The staff is in an uproar, everyone is mocking her behind her back...also the supervisors for needing their mommy to reprimand the children.

There has to be a different job available to me somewhere.   The atmosphere there is like a staph infection.  


Donita Curioso said...

Obey? Oh my god, that's awful. And they were appalled by people pushing back on their reviews? Man, you've got a toxic chain of command.

I really hope things can change for you soon. Jobs are so freakin' scarce you have no choice but to stay put. Maddening. The RCC job postings have pretty much disappeared. Ain't nobody goin' nowhere. Nothing's opening up.

Something's gotta give!

VO said...

What we think really happened was the the BBosses Boss was appalled that there were so many surprises on everyones reviews which should never happen. if she is getting push back it's because she never talked to whomever about the lack. But she makes it about us and not about her.

Many people want to talk to him to see how he really sees it.

VO said...

Oh and for sure we work in a very toxic place.