Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A moment or two

I know it's not quite Thanksgiving yet.  But today I had a lot of grateful moments.  I was grateful that I didn't rush, rush, rush to work.  I was late and I did it on purpose and didn't freak out (like I usually do because I HATE to be late for anything).  

I was thankful because one girl brought in a ton of homemade biscuits and gravy and jam and 2 different kinds of butter and we ate in a big group of chatting, laughing, reminiscing humans.  We were a light crew today, maybe 8 of us in the office.  The officemate did a great service for all of us. 

A note about this officemate.  She is a mom of one of the kids who works with the athletics dept of a local high school.  Every week during the season she delivers a boatload of food to the team (from a local restaurant).  After they've eaten she used to bring the leftover food over to my house and put it in our mailbox. So for about 6 wks once a week we had great food delivered right to our house at no cost to us.  She ate with the team and since she is on weight watchers she didn't want the leftovers at her house.  How generous of her right?  I am very thankful for her thinking of me.    

I'm thankful for the rest of my officemates.  Even the ones that make me crazy.  I was very thankful that today only 1 person was in the office who makes me crazy (the other one was off) and today she was ok.  Maybe it was because I got her to do something outside her comfort zone (because it was the right thing to do) and she did it and got many thank you's from her direct reports.  It was nice to see her direct reports happy today.

I'm thankful that my husband got me coffee at the store.  Heck, I'm happy he goes to the store on a regular basis since I don't like going to the grocery store.  Now if only he ate food that was more to my liking.  bhwhahaha.  

I'm thankful for both of my kids; tonight we three hung out in the kitchen chatting and that was really good.  It does happen more than just tonight, I just had lots of big love and thankfulness for them tonight.  

I thought alot about T today.  How I have a lot of friends from a lot of different times in my life and his dying right now has crystalized how much people mean to me.  Yes, even the crazed people.  They give me something to compare and contrast against.  I don't always come out on top if I'm truthful but the times I realize I've erred are times to be thankful for.  

More tomorrow.  

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