Saturday, November 14, 2009

Don't want any problems thank you

I've been semi-without a computer lately.  My one year old pc blew the power unit.  I slid under the wire with the warranty and sent it in to be replaced just 2 weeks before the warranty expired.

I hooked up my old pc - OMG it's like crawling instead of running.  You could have a birthday waiting for anything to load on that puppy.

I have a second computer that I THOUGHT was broken.  It was given to me and lo and behold the sucker is pretty clean and hardly has anything on it.  I cannot believe it was given to me.  It's a Gateway - Pentium 4. 

So I hooked it up and today started loading it with software.  My graphics program (I heart that the bestest) and ding dang it if doesn't have a 9 pin port so i can use my Wacom tablet again!  Ye haw, drawing graphics will be so much faster and easier. 

So now what I want is to clear a space over there --------> on that desk against the other wall so I can put this one over there and the one I bought last year can go here.  All I need is a big flat screen monitor.  

Of course I'd also like to get PhotoImpact 13 software and a new Wacom tablet.  But since I know I can't afford those things I have to make do with this old stuff.  

I also hooked up the printer and realized I didn't have the software.  XP won't just recognize the printer without the software.  My Vista pc did tho (at least I think it did, I don't remember installing it).  So off I went looking for the install file and drivers.  

I found this on one page and it made me laugh out loud: "Please confirm your driver selection!! If the wrong driver was downloaded and installed, The installed driver may cause your cmoputer problems."

Oh yes, apparently if you install the wrong driver you'll have spelling problems.  bwhahahaahaha.   I did not download from that site.  Figured if they had typos they might also make mistakes with their files.  No cmoputer problems for me!

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