Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The taping day

We left early in the morning.  6ish.  We got on the road and it took us hours to get to Warner Bros.  First our driver could not navigate the freeway system so we missed a freeway, turned around and missed it a second time, then I put Los Angeles in the GPS instead of Burbank.  I realized pretty quickly after we were getting on the Harbor freeway and we were going due west instead of northeast.  Got that fixed.  Then the GPS went crazy and made us go thru a little neighborhood and kept telling us to make a u turn.  It also kept telling us to turn on streets we'd just passed.  The coordinates must have been off by 20 ft or so.  See this GPS link.

Arrived, checked in and found we had hours before we needed to be there.  Ate and came back.

The show is very well coordinated.  Standby guests (which we were) did get in but you only got into the actual taping if a VIP didn't show.   If you didn't get in you got to sit in the Riff-Raff room.  Which is fun and you do get to hear all the stuff coming from the studio but you're not really IN the studio.  Sometimes they turn on the cameras in there so you might get to see yourself on tv.  If you have to sit in the Riff-Raff room you get to get guaranteed tickets to a future show.

The line of us standby people snaked into the studio and when we got to the stairs going into the studio they only needed 2 of us.  Sus and Terri got into the studio but me and K didn't.  :-(

The show staff gave out 3 tickets by drawing numbers to see one of the Twelve Days of Christmas shows.  We did not win one of the raffle tickets.  :-(

But then me and K were told we were going to be seat fillers for 2 contestants who were doing a game in the first segment.  Yay.  That was fun, we danced and watched the contest.  Then we returned to the RR room.

Then they told us (me and K) that we got to get tickets for a future show.  We were given a schedule for the beginning of the year.  I asked if we could get tix for one of the Christmas shows.  She left and came back with the Dec schedule.

YAY! We get to go to a December show!  Fun, fun, fun.  


Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

What show?

VO said...

Jeez, I guess u don't hang on to my every word since I posted a day or so ago I was going to the Ellen show. And it's a huge thread on my FB too.