Sunday, January 31, 2010

I really hope no germies got in there

It's sort of hard to tell if you're getting sick when you've just had septoplasty. After all, your nose is plugged up with just a bit of air coming thru. Just like when you've got a really bad headcold.

My son has been sick with some kind of head/chest cold. On Thursday he asked if I'd give him a ride to the bus stop. Ok, I thought I could do it, I hadn't had any pain meds since the morning before and even tho I was in jammies and my hair was all wacky - who would see me?

I bundled up (it was threatening rain) and went out to the car. The son was out there coughing and hacking up goo. That's when I realized he was sick. Crap. I did not want to get into an enclosed car with him hacking germs.

But I did cuz he didn't feel good, it looked like rain and had to walk.

So I opened up all the windows hoping anything he spewed would fly out the windows.

That was the best plan I could come up with. Ok, so it's not optimal but it was a plan.

Last night I felt pretty good. My voice is all squeeky and deep at the same time but I talked to a couple of friends who checked in with me, I ate dinner, I read til the wee hours of the night. I even slept in til 9 (probably cuz I kept waking up, but still).

Right now my nose is re-filling with snot and my eyes hurt. Itchy hurt. I've sneezed a bunch today (still not good to do with splints and stitches and scabs and a swollen nose). And my throat is starting to hurt.

Maybe it's not a cold. Maybe it's just more drainage and it's making me feel ookie? Ewww, last night I sniffed up some saline (yes, I am supposed to do that to keep things moist in there) and OMG, the saline went right to the back of my throat on the left side and down my throat. I gagged and started to throw up. That was disgusting.

So maybe I'll go take a nap and feel better when I get up? I'm going to try that cuz I can't take anything but Tylenol and we don't have any straight Tylenol. I have some with Codeine from my 'script but I think that is overkill.

See ya later.

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