Friday, January 22, 2010

4 and a half things

1. No internet last night - sheesh, too much rain and it (Charter cable) goes out.  But not the tv.  grrrr.

2. I had to change my blog setting to accept only registered owners.  Too many anon people posting crap in my comments.  Pain in the butt.  So you can't comment anon here anymore.

3. Today a faculty member called me.  The moment I answered the phone he started talking.  He never took a breath, he just talked.  Told me his Ph.D friend was very sick, was dx'ed w/ 5 different diseases.  He told me all 5 of them (although all I can remember is diabetes) and she is losing her faculties.  She used to be very brilliant and with it but now is not and he is trying to help her.  She has so many doc appts and she needs some help. So could I tell him which taxi company in town could pick her up and deliver her to her many doc appts without ripping her off?

Me: Ahhhh, ummmm, you know you've reached the marketing and media relations office right?  

Him: Yes, I was transferred to you after telling this same story to the operator.

Me: Well, I am sorry but this office can't help you and I can't help you because I'm just a regular person who has never taken a taxi in this city and would not be able to make any kind of recommendation.

Him: Well, I was transfered to you!

And then he hung up on me.

Yikes, I am very sorry about his friend but I do not know what possessed him to think anyone in any position here could help him.  We do not have any kind of service like that and what kind of trouble would I be in if I did tell him some company and it ripped off his friend?  

Why would he think marketing could help him?

3.5 Yesterday some business owner called up and wanted to know what she had to do to get us to market her business to students on the campus.

Ahhhh, well we don't market for other companies, we market the university so I am afraid I cannot help you.

What was she thinking?  Weird.

4. I am off for the next week of work.  Having surgery on Monday. 

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