Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Really need air and to pay attention to the right words

I wrote that last post around 11 p.m. I slept for 30 mins (sort of) and woke myself up snoring.  Can't go back to sleep.  My face hurts and my nose is so clogged with blood clots and mucus it's not even funny.  It was crackling a while back and I could feel it filling up backwards.  

My mouth and throat is so dry it's not funny.  The hub bought me some apple juice but it's so, sweet it's like drinking sugar.  I can't drink it.  I tried some of the trader joe apple juice but for every sip I took I sneezed twice.  I am so not kidding.  Sneezing is horrible, you are not allowed to close your mouth ( I did the first time cuz I forgot) and quickly realized my error.  So maybe I am allergic to something in that juice?  

My nose is unbelievably swollen, it's all fat.  My face is sorta swollen too.  Sadly I am feeling miserable.

Also, I was sitting here thnking I wrote palette instead of palate in my last post.  I have to check, I'm sure I did,  so just excuse the typo  I must have been thinking about color palettes while I was talking about my upper palate.

Which by the way is still numb.  My teeth feel really weird because it's numb.  I wasn't warned about this but I did read about it on the internet tonight when I was looking to see if THIS much bloody discharge is normal,  Apparently it is.  Jeez.  

Ok, let me try to go to sleep again, 

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