Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A limited palette design

My most recent entry for a Spoonflower fabric contest.  The rules were a limited palette, 4 colors.  Later they stated we could use white and different transparencies of each of the colors.  I stuck with the original colors as I did the design before they made chose clarifications.

I like the design more than I thought I would because of the colors.  The leaves are a green I would not have chosen to go with these colors but I wanted to work it in somehow.

I contemplated not using it at all, but that's less of a challenge for me (although 3 colors, 2 of which are rather dark is a challenge in itself).

I'll post the link to the contest tomorrow when it's published.  It will be good for about 5 days.  If you choose to vote you can vote for as many designs as you on a design and it will put a checkmark at the top left of each design and will be counted as soon as you hit submit. Soooo, don't hit submit until you've looked at them all and you know what you're voting for.  Vote for me! LOL.  Here is the link. Click here. 

There is a bit of a controversy over at Spoonflower.  Mostly people are not talking about it on the blog but they are emailing one another.  The contests have rules but the rules are apparently very soft.  There are two or three entries this time that either added extra colors into their designs or used none of the colors that were given for the limited palette.  Those very few entries are causing the quiet ruckus.  Spoonflower does not eliminate the designs that do not meet the criteria, they let them in saying that it's up to "you" to decide what is a winner.  

I'm one who is critical of allowing those who didn't meet the criteria.  The rest of us did the challenge and are perfectly willing to have those who are voting decide who is the most creative using the limited colors and motifs.  It was a hard challenge to use those colors.  If the rules are allowed to be broken, not just bent but broken they should just have a weekly contest with no guidelines. Allow voters to decide who is most creative or has the best design.  Just my humble opinion.  

Oh well, it's their contest they can handle it the way they want.  

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