Monday, January 25, 2010

I need air

Yikes, I had surgery today.  To fix my deviated septum and core out the turbinates.  I asked him to be very conservative on the turbinates.  He did mostly the left side since they seemed to be very swollen from working so hard.

Waking up was terrible.  I had to have a tube in my throat so it feels like it was scraped raw and they rubbed salt in it. My face hurt, my teeth hurt! And yes, my nose hurts.

I wasn't bleeding til after I left the surgery center.  I've been bleeding since around 3:30.  It gushes and then I can feel this trickle down into the dressing underneath my nose.  It's gross.  

At the moment I cannot breathe out of my nose at all.  It's all plugged up with clots of blood (ye haw!).  I wasn't going to take any pain meds (hate pain meds) but I ended up taking Tylenol with Codeine because they assured me it wouldn't make me woosy (which is why i hate pain meds).  It hasn't made me woosy, and it slightly dulls the pain for the first hour and half but then it goes back to being painful.  

I have vicodin, but I hate vicodin.  I KNOW it works good, but really I hate the feeling of being so drugged that I can't walk straight.  I KNOW it doesn't do that to a lot of people but it does it to me.  So I'll deal with the pain with the lighter drug, I'm sure I'll be fine after the next 24 or 48 hours.

I thought I'd be off for a week, but no, it's gonna be 2 wks.  I'm not allowed to do anything strenuous, cuz it can start up the bleeding again. 

I am so tired, I think I will try and go to sleep now.  Sleep has been eluding me.  Also, I have to sleep sitting up.  It's gonna be a long night I think.

But eventually there will be air at the end of the tunnel.

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