Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pooling snot and mouth breathing

Third nap of the day.  I am soooo tired.  

Tonight I've been able to take some sips of soda out of a straw without feeling like I am choking.  That is a big deal.

I tried reading for a while but my eyes won't focus.  The husband was talking to someone on the phone in front of the computer so I laid down and fell asleep for a while.  I think the only reason he left is the dog has atomic gas.

Luckily for me I can't smell a thing.  The first good thing about septoplasty!

This mouth breathing thing is gawd-awful.  Just thought you 'd want to hear that ONE more time.

People in my house keep turning the heater up to high and it's killing me.  Normally I'm freezing but OMG, I am burning up like nobody's business.  So I keep shutting it off altogether.  

My body is being contrary.  Can't read (when I have 4 books here waiting to be read), I can't drink when I've got gatorade, soda and coffee available to me.  Oh and I made myself some homemade veggie soup last night.  I know I was out of it but I so needed something to eat so I just threw stuff in and made it.  So lots of liquid but still I am sooo thirsty.  There isn't any added salt to the soup ('cept what is in the powdered broth, which is probably a lot now that I think of it) but generally I haven't had any salt.  It's that damned mouth-breathing.

hahahaha, I have to keep tipping my head over to the side so mucus will slide to the side of my nostrils so there is a little air coming in.  If my head is plain old upright it clogs really badly.  Every teeny bit of air is helping me feel better.  I need more.

I tortured myself earlier by watching youtubes of septoplasty things.  I want this over with, well, really I want to feel better so I can enjoy my time away from work.  I have a total of 2 wks (which of course 3 days is gone into the ether) and I don't want every moment of it to be feeling terrible.

I wish my headache would take a hike.

Ok, I am off to go lay down again.  Too much snot pooling. 

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