Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Storms and migraines

Southern Calif has been pounded by rainstorms.  Seriously.  So much rain we can't handle because our ground just can't absorb it all.  So it starts pooling and then in some areas starts the dirt sliding.  Mudslides and flash floods.

Over the weekend it rained and rained.  Flooded our laundry room.  Today was dry most of the morning but around 1 p.m. it started coming down, and down and down with accompanying thunder booming and lightning flashing.    The dogs were wild.  All except one who can no longer hear the thunder.  She just followed along with all the other cowering dogs, but her tail was wagging while the others tucked their tails.

We have this tree in our front yard.  It sits at an acute 60 degree angle.  And leans towards the cars.  We're always afraid it's going to go over one day...land on one of the cars.  We also have a mature sycamore.  The branches on sycamores are pretty dry and they fall off on occasion.  

About 1:30 the rain started drumming on the roof so loudly you had to practically yell to be heard.  The pitch changed and it sounded like hail  Sure enough it was hail coming down.  The trees were being whipped into a frenzy (there was a tornado warning in the next county over).  It was wildly fierce.  We stood in the doorway watching it.  I watched the trees, vowing I'd move my car when it stopped.

After 20 or 30 mins it calmed down to just a sprinkle and no wind.  We took the daughter to her doc appt. It was her visit to the neuro and just this morning she had a migraine.  

Her doc changed her migraine meds to AXERT® (almotriptan malate tablets). We'll see how well these work.  at 45.00 they'd better work.  thats the covered price thru insurance.  

He also have her a sample of something else but I forgot to write it down before I gave them to her to put in her purse.  Whatever it is, we were warned that it takes up to an hour and a half to start working.  Not sure that will work for her because her migraine starts about 30 to 45 mins after aura.  When I remember to ask her the name I'll post it here.

She also had to get a new Depakote 'script and blood tests to see how her liver was doing.  

I discussed the differences between her getting Toradol instead of the last stuff they gave her which was a pretty heavy narcotic.  Since Toradol works for her without making her drugged I prefer (and so does she) her to get that.  He told her to make sure she told whoever was giving her the drugs to give her Toradol instead of the narcotic.  Whew.

So tomorrow there is supposed to be a much larger storm coming in.  I'll be at work so I hope the dogs are mostly calm (and indoors!). 

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