Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Spoonflower childrens fabric entry

Prior to my surgery I entered a design into the Childrens Fabric contest at Spoonflower.  Here is the link to vote, click here.

Here is my entry.  lion and tiger jumble 14 T tiled

It's a print for both boys and girls.  It has a few coordinating fabrics with it as well.  Check out my flickr pages while you're there.  If you see weird thumbnails on each of the coordinating fabrics ignore them...they aren't on the real files.  Some weird glitch with Flickr.

There are TON's of good entries in this particular contest.  Once again, I love my design but there are others I love (that I didn't do!).  The contests are getting bigger, this time 130 entries.  Hahahah, the more entries, the more difficult to win that is for sure.  Spoonflower does allow each person to vote for more than one entry so I hope mine is always in favor somewhere in each voters vote.  One can hope right? 

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