Saturday, January 30, 2010

Which bug

I find it's rather easy for me to design cutesy designs.  errrrr, as opposed to more sophisticated designs.  hahahah, I'm not saying my designs are great, just that it's easier to do one kind of things for me than another.

The next Spoonflower contest is "Bugs".  Over the last 8 or 9 days (or whenever they announced the category)  I've been wracking my brains to do something that works for me.  I've probably done 6 different attempts - figuring one of them would stick. It probably hasn't helped that I've been down and out recovering from surgery since Monday.

It's funny to try and second guess a market.  I watch what is getting high marks and sometimes it throws me for a loop.  Cute things get high marks, funky drawings  get high marks (funky as in quirky, often hand drawn looking things),  Japanese inspired (the cute stuff, not the kimono type stuff) gets high marks too.  Looser drawings/paintings seem to be quite popular. 

My stuff is usually pretty tight.  Not loose at all, when it comes to drawing/coloring in.  Also, my medium of choice (vector) doesn't always lend itself to a loose way - unless you are very skilled at that and I am not.

So here are 2 different tries for bugs.  

The one above is sort of cutsy, ok, it's really cutesy.  And I like it.  But I'm not sure I like it enough to enter it.  I do, but I also think it's not what I want to enter.

The one above here, the scarabs is a lot tighter.  And I like the drama and that it's not cutsy really.  But would it get votes?  Probably not.  I don't know why the image won't open if you click it. Here is a link to my Flickr page where you can see the larger detail. Click here.

hmmmm, which to enter?  Or should I work a bit on the baby bugs and see if I can make that a bit more dynamic?

I've got 2 days to figure it out.  

btw, I am going to start selling my designs thru  So far I only have one thing up there and need to design using greeting card sizes instead of squares as my canvas.  Here is my profile link to RedBubble - Click here. 

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