Sunday, May 24, 2009

The big party

We have 2 groups of neighbors on our street.  Group A is a little older than Group B.  Group A has parties that invite you over with real invitations that come in the mail.  Group B has parties that don't.  The 2 groups mix when there is something happening on the street (like that time when the cops came to bust up a teen party 5 doors down) but they don't always mix at parties.

Yesterday we went to a Group B party.  The Group A people were not there.  It was funny to hear the Group B people talk about the Group A people.

I guess we belong to both Group A and B.  We get invited to both groups parties and we don't say anything negative about either group.  Much safer that way.

One of our neighbors who is definately a Group B person invited us to see her animals.  We took a tour of her menagerie.  She has exotic animals.  She rescues them when the authorities need someone to take a wild or semi-tamed exotic animal.  She also has a business showing these animals.  Often they are on television or in the movies (the animals, not her).  She has big cats, pythons, kangaroos, foxes, hawks and other kinds of animals.  

She had 2 of these (adults tho, not babies).  Sooo cute.  Click here. I've never seen a hedgehog in person, the pygmys are soooooo darling.  Pokey too.  My version of the little guy below. 

It was great fun to be able touch a couple of the animals, and get a little education about each one.  

Then we went back to the party and I began getting a headache (maybe it was all the 80's metal music that was blasting in my ear?) and we came home.  

It was a good thing too because the party got a little wild I hear.

I heard the police were called, someone got into a fist fight and someone got burned. 

Turns out one of the neighbors (a woman) got coldcocked by a party goer.  Then her husband came over to see what was going on and he got shoved by the DJ.  The neighbor called the cops but he was going to haul them both to jail so the neighbor got up and left.

Most of the people there were in their late 30's and 40's, way old enough to know better.  Evidently not.  

I'm very happy we're sorta quiet not big partier types.  No drama in our lives.  

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