Monday, May 11, 2009

A quiet Mothers day

A nice dinner out last night. The birthday boy chose the place: Cheesecake Factory. We were invited to go to Nina's, to their new house (along with other friends) but since it was the son's bday we did the family thing instead.

Doni joined us and so did the BIL. Grammy was there in spirit (and the BIL very nicely gave the son a card with cash in it from her). The son wanted a wah-wah pedal so with the cash he received from his uncle and grammy, he's going to get his pedal.

Doni was quiet, the son was not. The husband and his brother were not quiet (they rarely are) and the daughter was about at the midpoint.

He got a harmonium and melodica from us. Oh and a bunch of guitar picks. He played with the melodica all day. He's waiting for the harmonium to come via UPS and wants it right now. I think he's collecting world instruments. He's already got a couple of guitars (electric and acoustic), a digeredoo, a uke, and a trumpet.

There were lots of mothers and families there. Most of them were dressed up. Almost all the little kids were dressed up too, so sweet in their little matching clothes. I was not. Capri jeans, sweater; very casual. The dressiest person in our group was Doni, she looked fab in silk.

We lingered over dinner, we drove to Best Buy afterwards but they were closed. Went to the grocery store where the son bought me some candy with his birthday money (for Mothers Day). And then home.

I didn't get my car washed and the front yard still is a mess. No world peace either. But I had family night and that will do (although that yard is crying out in a big way).


Donita Curioso said...

Heh! The reason I was wearing silk is I'm running out of clothes! I've got grubbies for exercise and yard work, or I've got nice, silk stuff. Nothing in-between for a casual dinner.

I had a good time with you guys. I was quiet? I guess I don't want to even try to compete with all that male energy. The son seemed to be enjoying himself. After all, it was his special day.

VO said...

I always picture you in silk, isn't that funny? It's just how I think of you.

Yeah, you were quieter than normal, but then you were also sitting next to the son who can project his very own energy. LOL.