Monday, May 25, 2009

The weekend revisited

Today I washed my car.  For some odd reason the husband asked: Why are you washing your car?  Because it's filthy.  Hello.

Then I trimmed the wisteria.  It's overgrown (which happens in just a few days) and all the greenery was smacking me in the face every time I walked in or our of the house.  Because I kept running into it and my nose is still tender (plus I am unconciously flinching every time something comes near my face) I had to do it.  

(Yesterday I trimmed this funky tree-like thing that drags all of it's leaves on my car as I pull out of the driveway.  Each time I snipped off a branch I got a little paranoid that it would flip up and hit me in the face.)

Then I went out and weedwhacked some yard.  We don't have lawn, just foxtails at this point...well, except we have these stickery weeds that sprung up by one of the faucets.  They have woody stems and are juicy when you actually cut them.

My forearms didn't like the weedwhacker, that elbow surgery has left my right arm significantly weaker than the left.  Wielding it today showed me how weak both of my forearms are now.  I need to do something about that and hope I don't tweak the tendon.

I was covered in dirt and plant material and gawds knows what else.  The dogs poop out there so I'm sure I whacked some dried up poop.  As I stirred up the dirt I got a little concerned about the abrasion on my nose.  I'm supposed to keep A & D ointment on it at all time until (I guess) my surgery on Friday.  All I could think about it all kinds of germy things sticking to that A & D.

I had to shower in a bad way.  The morning was nice and cool but by the time I got out there to weedwhack it was hot.  The shower was refreshing and made me feel quite a bit less ookey and germ-aphobic.  

Then we went over to K and J's and ate food and chatted.  The kids all played basketball and we basically sat in our chairs.  It was fun.  It was impromptu and just enough time to get the weekend news, let the kids blow off steam and we were back home.

A nice way to end the weekend.

Btw, we also went to dinner last night with Doni and the BIL.  We saw an old friend and her daughter and invited them to sit with us as well.  Passing by we saw my doctor, our friends Scott and Julie, and then 2 peeps the husband is acquainted with.  That was fun too.  

It was a full weekend. 

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