Tuesday, May 5, 2009

foil tape: large economy size

I get these emails from a craft magazine publisher that lets me know when there are fabulous crafty ideas and they always try to sell something thru the page.   I've never purchased any items (when I want to do a project, I can't wait for days for the item to come in the mail).  

This ad (which I clicked on in the email and got sent to this webpage) was flat out wrong.  They show the foil tape is 14 inches wide.  So foil tape is something you use on stained glass, to wrap each piece so your solder will stick to it.  Foil tape does not come in 14 inch widths.  

You can get this kind of metal tape at hardware stores, it would work on stained glass too but stained glass doesn't generally have the kind of width that kind of tape does.

In any case, if you could get craft foil at that width for that price, you'd be doing very well to buy it.  But if you've got pieces of tile or glass that needs to be foiled for jewelry that are that wide, I'd like to see the person wearing the piece.  

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