Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Me xray

The nose feels pretty ok.  It's not the focus of my every moment like it has been, as long as I don't touch it.  Taking my glasses off on a regular basis helps a lot.  I've been worrying that the weight of them might be a bad thing.  

I consider myself lucky since nobody can really tell that I've broken my nose.  One girl at work today said she thought maybe I'd gone to the dermatologist and had some kind of skin thing or something.  It's amazing how many people didn't mention the bandage, the glaring bandage on my nose.  I guess they just thought "Hmmmm, if I pretend there isn't a white bandage on her nose she won't know I noticed it."

It just doesn't look swollen to me.  Even this morning when I took off the gauze it didn't look that bad.  Now there is still that one gel/skin thing on it so I can't actually see the wound and there is still some slight swelling but overall, it doesn't look all smashed up or anything.  

I did sort of touch the sides of my nose near the wound tonight and it *squished/shifted* a little.  Kind of creepy but not very painful.  Just a little discomfort.  

I'm thinking if it was really bad it would hurt a whole lot more, or maybe I'm just healing really fast.  

So here is a sharpened photo of my xray.  

It might have come out better if I'd put it against a brightly lit window but since it's dark out I held it near my ott light.  It's funny because I googled for an xray to compare mine to but can't find one.  This photo would also be better if someone besides me held it up but nobody is home at the moment.  

It looks teeny doesn't it?  Weird. 


Donita Curioso said...

Wow, that's interesting. it does look small.

How odd that people didn't mention your bandage. Maybe they thought it was so traumatic you wouldn't want to talk about it.

VO said...

I know, I think it's so funny.

Today I saw a friend of mine and the first thing he said was: Oh no, what happened to your nose?

Maybe people think they're being polite if they don't ask...as if I'd be traumatized by someone noticing.