Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How much blood do you have to give the courts each year?

Another summons to jury duty.  Every year almost without fail I get called.  I haven't served locally for 14 months but about 6 or 8 months ago I had to serve (only 1 day tho) a federal case.  I guess I'm lucky that federal cases can only call for a juror every 2 years but locally I can be called every year.  

I don't have any excuse not to go, that's only happened once.  I got called for a date in Dec 1991 but the date was my daughters due date so I got myself excused.  She was actually born on the day I was supposed to serve.

Today I went to get an ekg and bloodwork.  Took forever because first they didn't have my lab work in the system yet and I got there too early...they don't answer the phones til 8:30 a.m.  When they finally got it in the system I went up to the lab and the woman only checked me in for my bloodwork, not the ekg.

The blood people told me to sit in that waiting room and they'd call me.  But at least 5 people were called who came after me.  So I checked with the front desk and found out they never did check me in for the ekg.

Once I got in for the ekg, it was fast.  The rest of the day was uneventful.

Well, 'cept for that summons that was waiting for me when I got home.  


susan m hinckley said...

I haven't been called for jury duty in YEARS, even though I'm a registered voter (which is how they pick jury duty in MN) -- the only time I was picked, I was immediately dismissed in the first round of questioning because of something I said, which I didn't think was at all bad, just being myself. The case apparently involved a used-car salesman, and the attorney asked me whether I had any bad experiences with used-car salesmen and I answered, "no more than everybody else." Immediate dismissal, and I wasn't even trying. Must be my sparkling wit.

Good luck with your surgery!

VO said...

They use voter registration and drivers licenses out here. I still can't figure out why most of my friends out here (all vote and all drive) don't get called but rarely.

I wonder why you got dismissed for that? No telling what they look for when choosing people. Sometimes I think it's the way we dress or our hair or what we do for a living...or our sparkling wit.

Thanks for the surgery wishes, I think it will be a breeze.

Brother Atom Bomb of Reflection said...

I never got called until I was 32. Since then, it has been almost once a year. But I have only made it to jury selection once, but got off because the lawsuit was from a group of homeowners whose neighborhood was outside my old classroom window.

VO said...

So are you disappointed that you've never been picked or not? When I have to go I wished I didn't but once I'm in the jury box I'm interested enough to want to know how the story plays out.

But then if I do get picked I'm good til deliberations (which I think is incredibly difficult).