Friday, May 8, 2009

woeful dog who is in the midst of training

The puppy. The 50 lb puppy. He looks all worried in that painting doesn't he?

Probably because he knows I've vowed to be consistant and train him to be a dog who actually follows commands.

Right now he is leashed and is expected to sit next to me wherever I go. Last night and tonight he's sat with me. He's done pretty well too...considering. he knows Sit and his ability to sit is directly related to the reward he thinks he'll get. He sits fastest if I have a treat in hand. Or if he has to pee, he will sit his butt at the door (if only to touch his butt down) because he knows the door will open for him once he does it. He will also get a pet if he sits. But that's all if he's leashed. He doesn't like to listen if he is unleashed.

I'm working with a dog trainer via email. She's not charging me, just giving me guidance.

I'm also teaching him how to heel. I walk him and he must stay on my left and if he pulls I walk the other way. He sits when I stop and stands to go when I say Come. He is getting better. He's been trained to be on a leash (he isn't afraid of it) but he has no manners when he walks.

One thing he never does is jump up on people...which if he did could be disasterous. 50 lbs of hefty dog can knock you on your can, easily. Dogs that jump up make me crazy. His mother used to jump when we got her. Now she just rears up on her hind legs but doesn't (most of the time anyway) put her front paws on you. Jumping isn't tolerated. Which means I'm very consistant about that rule. The other rules less so.

I must be trained. And that also means I must train the others. It's likely the only person in the house who will listen and put those things in practice is the daughter. The husband and son have no interest.

So it's time to take him out and give him a break from sitting here with me. Wish me luck!


Billy Canary said...

If you can teach him to not dig holes and to pick up his own poop, I say we keep him.

VO said...

That's your job. You've had cats, and I haven't (on my own anyway) so it's your responsibility to teach him to bury. I say he's 1/2 way there since he digs holes. Your job should be easy.