Monday, May 4, 2009

The beach

Yesterday me and Kim and our girls went thrift shopping.  Pretty fun day.  We didn't go, go, go but took our time.   Our last stop (out of 4 stores) was in Huntington Beach. 

By that time it was close to 4 p.m. and we decided to run down to the beach and stick our toes into the water.

It was beautiful on the beach.  It was warm with a breeze that cooled you off just right.  The girls waded in the surf, wearing their jeans.  LOL, yes we looked like tourists who just stopped to stick our toes in the water.  We're all fully dressed, with no beach towels in sight.

There weren't many people on the beach or in the water.  I sat and watched the girls and the pelicans dive (Kamakazi!) fishing for fishies.  I love the sound of the surf.

You could see Catalina from the beach.  I love that.  It's some 26 miles away and you could see it out there.  Hazy but it was there.

As we trudged back to the car with the surf behind us and the fabulous beach houses in front of us I wondered why I never set my sights on living at the beach.  I love the beach, I love the smell of the ocean, and I should have, at some point in my life lived at the beach.  

I'm beginning to think I might have some regrets in my life, simply because I'm getting older and there is so much I haven't done.  Or haven't pushed to do.  I have to ponder that.  


Donita Curioso said...

When I lived in San Diego I was a block from the beach. I loved it. It was so nice to be a part of that little community of beach neighbors. I was working at LP, living in a cute little apartment with a roommate who was my size and who had a huge wardrobe. I was jogging every day and my body was in great shape. It was so friggin' fun.

VO said...

And I am so jealous you made the jump. I wish I had at some point in my life. My sister did. She lived in Escondito and Laguna Niguel.

I guess I should be thankful I got to visit her a few times and pretend I lived near the beach.

Donita Curioso said...

I ended up there kind of by accident. I wasn't trying to live at the beach but a cheap apartment became available so I grabbed it.

I only lived there for 2 years. I had such a great time.

VO said...

You're ahead of me by 2 years less 2 wks! I'd be loving life living at the beach. I am missing it right this very second as I sit at my desk wishing I were outside.