Friday, May 29, 2009

The procedure

I've slept the day away.  Got there at 8:25, had my vitals taken (blood pressure at 90/59) got whatever drug they gave me around 9:45.  I do not remember going into surgery.   Then I woke up in recovery with a really sore throat and pressure in my nose.

My nose doesn't feel too badly, my throat is crazy sore.  They gave me apple juice in recovery, I thought it would help sooth the sore throat but no.

The husband drove me home and was gonna stop at Starbucks to get me a latte.  But I asked him to take me home directly.  I was feeling sick and didn't think I could handle idling in the driveup.  You know I was feeling badly if I chose going home instead of getting a coffee that I sorely needed.  My head was already exploding before surgery because of the lack of caffeine.

I got up once today around 3, but after 30 mins went back to sleep.  I remember hearing thunder and thinking "it's all thundery outside" and then I was out again.  

The husband got me some jello, good thing.  And earlier he did get me a latte and I'm still sipping on it hours later.  

The nose splint is this weird white plastic that looks like a grid but if you touch it there is no texture to it.  It's just smooth plastic.  And it's giant (it probably isn't but it looks giant to me).  hahaha, it does hold my glasses way up so I can see well and the pads are not digging into my nose.  That will help heal those bruised spots where the pads hurt me.  What a benefit eh?

Ya know my knee surgery last year was easier in that once I got home from recovery I was up for the day mostly.  I didn't feel badly from the drugs.  This time I was totally wiped.  Bummer.

I hope tomorrow I feel better because I have too much to do to be feeling like crap.  I think I'll go to bed again so I can get as much rest as possible.

Oh and guess what drug they gave me for pain?  Vicodin again.  I hate vicodin and won't get it filled.  

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my nose looks fine once the stupid splint comes off.  He wants me to keep it on for 3 wks, but said the adhesive might be unsticky in about 2 so he wants me to tape it on.  I'm hoping that by week 2 I won't need it and can forget taping it on.  

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