Saturday, May 30, 2009

Home from the night out

Well, I got to all 3 events.  Went to the grad party, was there for about an hour and a half.  Sat with the programmer from work, his partner and then the other programmer and his wife.  Missed K & J because I got the call that the hub and daughter were going to sing.  The house where the party was at was a huge mansion.

Got to the HS, listened to them sing, I got teary eyed at in the middle of it.  I got it on the camera, wonder if I can post it here or not?  Also watched the show choir stuff.  They were great.  I missed all the teary eyed stuff that the daughter went thru as she realized she was ending her 4 years with the choirs.  A hugely valuable part of her HS life.

Left there went to book club.  All in all, I spent about an hour and half at each event.  

I decided to wear a fitted dress for the evening.  with makeup and 3 inch black slingbacks.  Good thing I wore a cardigan, it was cold.  I thought maybe if I wore a dress with cleavage I could detract from my very obvious splint.  Uhhhh, people noticed it anyway.  LOL.  Basically, I was a well dressed nose for the evening.  A few people at school actually said something about my nose splint.  

Which was a little surprising.  Today at the store I was on the phone with my friend and telling her that most people would stare at me but then their eyes slid right past my face and they'd pretend there wasn't a giant white plastic thing in the middle of my face.  The woman in front of me (who didn't see me come up behind her) turned around and looked at me and then said to me: "I didn't even notice it at all!"  Bwhahahahaha.

I told Doni tonight (she came to the concert) that I thought I might want to collage the splint.  LOL.  Maybe with the word "Broken" across the front of it.  I'm thinking everyone thinks I got a nose job and a bad one at that.  "hmmmmm, she paid for THAT?"

It was a nice evening even tho I didn't get a whole lot of quality time with everyone at every event. I'm going to need tomorrow to recoup.

Oh and special thanks to the daughter who actually trimmed my hair.  She did a pretty good job.  

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