Saturday, July 4, 2009

The 4th evening in July '09

We did go to K & J's, ate well. Small, just 3 families. 4 if you count K's bro coming by.

At 8:30 the hub, the daughter and Olivia walked the 5 blocks or so to the church and watched the fireworks there. I stayed at the party and we all walked to the corner and watched from there.

I was not in the mood to deal with the traffic getting out of the church parking lot. It's very close to the fireworks so traffic can be a bear.

Soon the hub, daughter and Olivia came back and said the PA family was coming by. They soon stopped by with Donita (who was nice enough to cart them to and fro...she's got a van AND she's been one of the best friends to the family for the last few years.

Our clan filled the room and with all the different families and the 5 dogs it was chaotically fun. They ended up leaving not too long afterwards and we went home.

It was a good holiday, I got to spend it with most of the family. I didn't see Nuffy today but he was busy getting the MIL's aria (she recorded it on a 78 years and years ago) put on tape so we can have it at the memorial. Normally we don't see Nuffy on the 4th, we're always at K and J's or at Susan's depending on the year.

So that was our 4th. Firecracker red nails, friends and a bit of family. Now if only our PA family were out here for good, I'd be very, very happy.

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