Friday, July 10, 2009

Balancing money, family and fun

The PA family leaves tomorrow, so today we're going to go do something. Not sure what yet as everyone has different ideas about what is fun or worthwhile.

I want to do something different and my initial thought was the Huntington Gardens, but as I warned - the kids would probably hate that. And sure enough the daughter (likely the only one of the kids who'll be there) told me she was going to stay home if we went there. *sigh* so now I have to make sure I represent her as she probably won't speak up to the others, she'll just not go.

I looked up free or nearly free things to do in 3 counties. Not a lot do do during the day and I won't want to spend a lot of money. We have 3, maybe 4 going so we'd be spending a whole lot more than everyone else. I wouldn't worry so much but my pay is going to be cut starting next month so I have to worry about what money we're spending.

My ideas were: Farmers Market, Olvera St, Chinatown, MOMA, the Grammy Museum, the gardens. Prices range from free to 15.00 per person.

Not sure what we'll end up doing so I'll report later the end result.

As the husband pointed out, the decision should be the PA folks, we can go anytime but they're not able to do that. So whatever they decide I'll go with that.

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