Friday, July 3, 2009

Dinner nightmare

Separate bills that's what you have to do when you go out for dinner. It's too hard to figure out everyones food, drink, taxes, tip. And if the waiters made a mistake it compounds the math.

And none of us are math people. I know, I know, it's simple addition and subtraction but you can either guestimate or you can do it to the penny and it still means working your math brain (and if you don't have a math brain, well there's the rub, eh?)

Last night one of the waiters told the table that the salad/soup combo was 7.95. It was not. It was 11.25. The waiters agreed to take off the extra money. But then the *manager* came over and said that she'd take the extra money off "this time" but next time.....she would not.

Which would have been fine but the waiter TOLD them the price was 7.95. Nobody at our table tried to steal a meal for less money. The choose their meals based on what the waiter told them.

The second issue was that the hub and his brother both ordered a glass of wine. They chose their wine after getting a "free" taste of some kind of italian wine that they chose NOT to order. After the boys were about 1/2 way done with their glass of wine the waiters asked if they wanted another glass. After a moment of hesitation they said "Ok." The waiter poured the italian wine into their glasses. Which meant they just mixed the non-italian wine with the italian wine.

Both men told the waiters that they just mixed the wines together. The BIL got a new glass of wine AND they left the mixed wine with him. The husband drank the mixed wine and I think got a glass of the right wine and when we got the bill we got charged for 2 wines and the BIL got charged for one. At 10.00 per glass we were cheated.

Confused? OMG, we were. They brought us a new bill. But they didn't take off the salad difference so the bill was exactly the same. The other BIL went over and complained about the issue and how the manager treated him, that condesending tone and the comment about how she'd do it for us THIS TIME.

The "real" manager came by the table and offered up an apology for the salad pricing issue. We didn't know about the wine charging at the time so it wasn't brought up.

We are STILL trying to figure out the bill. The bill shows each guest like this:
Guest 1: Soup and Salad, soda, entree.

Great except that Guest 1 only had soup and salad. Guest 2 had the entree. The entire bill was like that. So it was harder than hell to figure out who had dinner, who had many drinks (like wine and soda), and not to mention there was an 18% tip added on.


Separate bills for now on. I am tired of trying to figure out what we ate and what others ate. What percentage tip this group has vs that group.

And I didn't even have wine.


Donita Curioso said...

Jeez-o-friggin-pete! Where did you eat?

The calculator on my phone has a tip feature. Man I love that thing. I use it all the time. Still, it sounds like that wouldn't have helped with your dinner fiasco.

I hope that manager got her butt chewed.

VO said...

We ate at Olive Garden. Nope, the calculator wouldn't have helped for most of the issues that cropped up that night.

I did add our stuff up item by item (although I did not count one of the glasses of wine at first). So my math wasn't off.

Donita Curioso said...

Olive Garden- Big Republican contributors who pulled their ads from the Letterman show after the big dust up over a Palin joke.

And now you've given me another reason to never eat there.

VO said...

When I worked at my other job we used to go there for lunch on a regular basis. It was fine, I never had a reason to complain.

I didn't mention that my meal of apricot chicken (chicken with asparagus and tomato) was drowning in apricot syrup. The veggies were swimming in that syrup.

So now that I've had a bad meal, a bad receipt experience, an idiotic comment from a manager AND know they pulled their ad over the Lettermen/Palin thing I'm staying away from there.

We have plenty of other options.