Thursday, July 2, 2009

You hungry?

The MIL, her photo for the memorial. I had to modify the photo because it had a plate of food in the foreground. The plate of food does have a place in this post even tho I took it out of the picture.

I have eaten thousands of meals with my family. Many of them shared with my in-laws. Food always had a place in our togetherness.

It was one way the MIL showed her love. She relished food, loved a full plate of home cooking, fast food, sweets and beverages filled to the brim with ice. Every Sunday we'd eat together. First my FIL did all the cooking, then she took over after he passed away. We took over after she found she could not do the Sunday dinners anymore.

We always watched tv and chatted as we ate. We ate in the den and she ALWAYS apologized for doing that instead of sitting at a set table. We only sat at a table for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Every other holiday, every other meal was not at the table. Casual dining, that was (is) our style.

My MIL always tried to get me to eat more even tho I rarely went back for more. Every meal she'd say: "Have some more." She always tried to tempt me with whatever she thought was good.

Yesterday the SIL, BIL and kids came in from Pennslyvania. After work I joined them for dinner. We sat at 2 different tables (which I didn't like) but the place was packed so we dealt with it. I didn't get to talk to the boys much but I have time, they're here a couple of days and I'm off work for a few days. We'll have more meals to have fun and remember the MIL.

I will miss the MIL at those meals. But hey, now she can hear everything we say and maybe I'll be tempted to eat a dessert or something in her honor.

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