Thursday, July 30, 2009

Over extended

ummm, I'm over-extended. I spend all day at work doing nothing, wanting something to do. I have book club tomorrow night and the house is less than clean, the yard is mid-picked up and I'm not finished with the book. I was relying on family to get it all done including mopping and vacuuming and picking up and all that. I thought it could get all done since they're all on vacation and I am not but I guess they're on vacation.

I've been wearing my elbow brace since I last weed-whacked (bad, bad idea) and I'm thinking about going to the ortho to see if he can figure out why the back upper part of my elbow hurts. (oh and in case you're wondering, the left elbow that I fell on a few days ago is almost fine feeling. It's just bruised). But my right (that I had surgery on) has something going on with it. In any case I can't lift anything heavy or it tweaks. And I am DEATHLY afraid of tearing something in there. I DO NOT want to deal with more pain.

Ok, so back to being over-extended. My friend Katherine is going to grad school in Chicago. I'm attempting to make her a scarf (So Cal vs Chicago weather!) and it's taking me much more time than I anticipated. So I'm doing that and then reading the book. Both need to be finished and it's a race against time. I am also planning on making her a collaged necklace but I just can't decide on how to finish it.

I'm tired, over-extended and just need to buckle down and get it done.

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