Saturday, July 4, 2009

The ever changing plans

Today me, the daughter, the SIL and the cousins (only the girls) went and got a pedicure. Fun and definately needed since it's been years since I've had a pedicure. I generally do this myself but I pay more attention to my hands than my feet and after a winter in shoes my toes look terrible.

But now they are all purty with RED polish. Tomorrow I'll do my fingernails the matching red.

Tonight the families will be all over town. The BIL is going to the church to hang out there. We're going to some friends house (where we always go) and the PA family is staying home. The party at our friends house is always easy, just hanging out talking. Usually there are a lot of kids about.

The plan has been very fluid. Yesterday the BIL gave us a ticket to the church thing but we'd already planned for our friends house since there were no plans. I don't really care about seeing the fireworks so I warned the BIL we might not attend the church function. Or maybe we'd leave the party and go for just fireworks.

The PA family is staying home and maybe going to the church for fireworks only.

Like I said, we're always fluid. Maybe we'll all meet for ice cream afterwards. Or LOL, maybe not. We are not the best coordinators.

Well, I'd better get my butt going to the party, red toes and all.

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