Saturday, July 11, 2009

Long Beach Aquarium with the family

We ended up at the Long Beach Aquarium. There were about a million kids outside in little groups, each sporting different color tee shirts. It was some kind of day camp activity.

Good thing we got there mid-morning and then had to wait for the other car to arrive.

I don't know how this worked but we left about 30 - 35 mins after the other car. But we arrived 15 mins earlier than they did. I know they stopped for coffee and I think gas, but we also stopped for coffee. We were in phone contact and I knew when they got off the freeway. But they didn't arrive.

They finally figured out they were at the Long Beach Convention Center, it's 1.4 miles away from where we were. They had to pee, they walked into the convention center and there was a spanish speaking only Jehovah's Witnesses convention inside. They were not allowed to use the restrooms.

They sweet-talked their way out of the 10.00 per car parking lot and finally made it to the right parking lot and location. They were hot and sweaty as they tried to find the aquarium by walking first.

I really liked the aquarium, it's better than Scripps. The husband didn't like the aquarium, I'm not sure why. LB has far more exhibits (even tho you see the same fish, but you really can't expect to see different fish) and there are quite a few hands on exhibits. Large ones. The shark/sting ray pool is quite large. There is also a little place for small children to get wet with a water playground.

After the aquarium we walked around the marina to Shoreline Village.

It was a beautiful afternoon. We ate inside at the Yard House. I think we'd had enough of being outside in the sun. The food was great, we got 1/2 price appetizers (at least the girls did) and that helped keep costs down. The appetizers were huge too. Way enough for a second meal. I brought 1/2 of my Thai Pizza home and that was after giving my BIL a slice too.

Then we drove home. Traffic wasn't that bad, athough we did have a report it was (and probably was at the time she was driving the freeway).

We met again at the coffee place and sat and chatted til it was time for us to go home. We traded hugs and I love you's to the SIL and BIL. It was so good to have them here. I want them to find a church out here and come home to live. The BIL can minister here, I'd tell him we need it more here than PA needs it if it would get them back home.

All in all a very good week with them. I wish the MIL could have enjoyed it with us, but she did if you think about her kids handing down her legacy.

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