Saturday, July 25, 2009

I can't seem to win

I swear I can't seem to win. Since it's gotten so hot I'm getting the nausea that plagued me all summer. After 5 mins in the heat I'm sick.

Today I'd go out for 45 mins at a time. I had to work in the full sun, no shade until after 4:30.

I planted some plants that I've been watering every day (because potted plants do not retain water) and I HATE potted plants that look all beautiful and green and then get all spindly and die from too much heat and not enough water.

Then I went in, cooled off (and the nausea goes away). Then back out again. I dragged a half cut up tree out of the path of the laundry room door (thats the way I take the dogs out so the I had to step in the tree remains every time.

Back into the house.

I moved some of the MIL's furniture that is sitting in the my parking spot. I couldn't drag it into the barn. Too heavy and I cannot get into the barn, too much stuff. Besides it was too hot and I felt too badly to even try and move things in the barn.

I went to get gas and some ribbon at Joannes. Stopped at the gas station and as I was getting out of my car my feet (both of them) slipped out from under me and I jammed my elbow into the door. As my weight was flying backwards ALL of my weight was on that elbow when it hit. OMG. The pain was intense, I think I compressed a nerve because it hurt all the way down to the knuckles of the ring and middle fingers. Then I got really nauseous and thought I was gonna pass out. Sat there for 10 mins trying to compose myself and feel like I could even handle the gas pump hose.

Mind you this isn't my right elbow, the one I had surgery on...this is my LEFT elbow, the good one.

I drove home (husband must have been in the computer room because I didn't see him and he didn't call out to see who'd come home. I got a cold soda and kept it on my elbow so I could go get my ribbon. Took some Advil. Left the house.

I'm sure I looked funny with that cold soda in my lap and my left elbow crossed over so I could set it on the cold surface.

I came home, raked up dog shit and came inside to rant and rave on my blog. I need to ice it. Raking and shoveling already stresses my right surgery elbow, now my left is all F'd up (at least for today, I pray it's not going to cause me trouble).

It's been about 2 hours and it still hurts.

It just seems like I can't win. Last summer I got tested for MS because of all the health problems I had. Heat intolerance, double vision, blurry vision, neausea, the coordination problems (I've always been very, very coordinated). And the hotter it gets the more those things are showing up again. I seem to have wacky tendon problems, and if I push them I'm gonna end up being crippled. The cooler weather stopped all weird activity, but now it's back and now I can see I have some kind of reaction to heat. I wish the docs could tell me why and what it is so I can count on feeling ok instead of feeling terrible the whole summer.

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