Thursday, July 9, 2009

The family gathers and laughs

I don't generally use peoples names in my blog but I'll post photos. Here are the 5 cousins. Mine are the 2nd boy and the last girl. The other 3 belong to my SIL from PA. They are Mike (19), Leems (20), Lola (19), Em (21) and Zozo (17). Click each photo to see detail!

This one is of my son's girlfriend and my son over on the right. They are both 20.

This is the whole clan. You'll notice I look like I'm missing a finger but no I am not. My son wouldn't smile so I poked my finger into his armpit and he smiled. hahaha, mothers have their ways.

These last three of of the three girl cousins, mine is on the left. She's 17, then there is Lola who is 20 and Em who is 21. Goofy girls.

Tues night we met for ice cream at a local shopping hotspot. We are a crowd when we go out. We laughed (there are way more pics and pretty much everyone is laughing and cutting up) alot. I don't know why we didn't all try and get a pic of all of us in our finery the say of the memorial but whatever, we got a casual photo in front of the movie theater. bwhahahaha.

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