Saturday, September 12, 2009

cells and texting

Yikes, I wasted an entire day with a migraine-like headache.  

We had to get the daughter a new phone.  She was supposed to get one for HS graduation but Aug was a money drain so she had to wait til Sept.  I didn't expect the phone to be as expensive as it has a rebate of 100.00 but I thought it was an instant rebate not a mail in one.  So the husband paid the bill.  

Both kids got new phones, they were due for an upgrade.  They both got the Versa, a good touchscreen but it doesn't require that you get an internet plan.

The husband got a blackberry.  I'm a little puzzled why he got such a technologically advanced phone but whatever.

I'm still waiting for my upgrade time.  I have a longgggg time.  I can't get one for another year and 2 months.  Ding dang dog that ate my phone is still on my shit list.

My phones battery is kaput, I can text as much as I want but if I talk on it the battery drains in about 5 mins.  Then it goes dead.  So I think I'll take the son's Razor and use that when I can't stand carrying around a charger and talking only when it's plugged in.

I don't talk on my cell very much.  I use the least amount of mins.  The husband is the most talkative, the son comes in second, the daughter third.  I mostly use mine to take calls from the family when they call me to ask me if I need anything from the store.  Oh, I do ring my carpooler once I leave my house when I am picking her up.  But I don't talk I just ring her to let her know I am on my way.  I might actually have a conversation on my phone twice a week.  

So text me if you need to contact me.  

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