Friday, September 25, 2009

Spoonflower spoons

Another Spoonflower entry.  The theme is "spoons and flowers".  So mine is pretty literal.  Once again, I can see I won't win but it's ok, I like my design and it does have some votes so that's nice.  Here is a link to see all of the entries, click here

I can so see this as a cute apron, can't you?  I'm thinking I could make some coordinating fabric with some of the flowers colored pink or citrus colors.  Too cute.   Wouldn't the black and white look great with maybe some rick-rack in pink or red or a bright cheery accent color?  

The poor Spoonflower folks, they thought to do a difficult theme to keep the number of entries low.  Nope, they still got a lot and I know they worked hard to put it all up on the site.  I'm thinking they need to do a short submission time.  This one was 4 days long and they got 70 entries.  They need to do a one day or 8 hour submission time to make it manageable I think.

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