Saturday, September 19, 2009

T's status

So my friend in the hospital (yes, he is still there) is going to need chemo.  He's got tumors along his spine.  He still cannot move is legs.  He has some movement, but I think it's a mere few millimeters rather than being able to lift.  

At work we were discussing things to get him, we talked about a dvd player.  I suggested we get him a laptop.  I figured he'd be in the hospital a long time and when he went into skilled nursing he'd be bored most of the day.  

Having communication outside is imperative.   I was once in the hospital for a month (way before laptops were available) and watching tv and waiting for the phone to ring was horribly boring.

He got it today.  2 guys from work delivered it to him.  I'm so happy he's got a way to communicate with us and document whatever he wants to document.  

I hope he writes his story. 

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