Thursday, September 17, 2009

Me fabric designs

I can already see by the votes I'm not going to come close to winning this weeks contest but it sure is fun to see my design up on Spoonflower.  It does have some votes, I asked my friends to vote but really there are strangers who voted for this design too!

This is it.   A cute little owl dressed up as a hedgehog or a hedgehog dressed up as an choose.  

Originally I did this guy as a Christmas fabric but didn't realize I missed the deadline to enter, I was a day late.  So I have my Christmas hedgie for sale and I decided to use his image in the Halloween contest.  Don't ask me why Spoonflower had a Christmas contest before a Halloween one...they just did.  :-)

I might make a whole series of holiday hedgies using this little guy.  I think he's adorable, if I do say so myself. LOL.

I do want to make a general design with this guy because I think I might want to order some fabric from them.  What I've seen on the internet, in terms of quality looks great.  I do sort of have 2 issues tho.  One is the design is too cutesy for me for clothing or a purse, I think I need a 4 year old to wear this as clothing.  And second the yardage is expensive.  $18.00 a yard.  A yard isn't very much so whatever I make has to be smallish and the design something I'd actually wear.  That said, I want to support Spoonflower.  I think it's a great site and I love cruising it.  

Decisions, decisions.  

I do wish they had a place to move things that are obviously not going to be used by most people.  People design their own fabric labels (great idea) but I'm not going to buy those designs and probably nobody else will either other than the originator.  Sometimes people are using SF's bandwidth to upload family photos - now really who wants to see that when you have to explore fabric one by one?  Or random clip art, not my thing; maybe someone WILL buy a yard of random clip art?  Maybe, but doubtful.

To SF's credit they are making it easier to navigate by adding keywords like: Holiday, Floral, etc.  And by color too.  But sometimes I don't know what I'm looking for so I have to use the Explore option...which gives you pages and pages of everything in the order it was loaded.

It's a fun site, go there by clicking here. 

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