Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yay, something fun!

Hey, guess what?  Today I found out I won 2 Simplicity quilting rulers from C & T Publishing. Cool eh?  I was jazzed all day.  I constantly lose rulers and yardsticks...so I'm hoping these won't be "lost" as I'll tell the family "Hands OFF!"  

They're going to send me 2 of one of these on this page here. I don't know which 2, there were multiple winners and they said they'd select 2 for each person.  

What a nice thing eh?

The other thing is I was busy almost all day.  THAT is a nice turn.  What I wouldn't give to be busy all day at work.  Except not the kind of Rube Goldberg busy of yesterday please.  LOL. 

That's my report for today. 

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